Helpful information when using printer cartridges in South Africa

Helpful information when using printer cartridges in South Africa

While high quality original and compatiblecartridges in South Africamay have divergent uses from company to company, their wholisticbenefits are arguably the same. They enable people to run their businesses effectively, and lead their lives. They help businesses meet expectations when it comes to printed material and they help individuals perform basic tasks, from printing of school assignments to creating birthday cards for family members. Now, particularly if you are running a business, or considering starting one, there are several considerations. This article will highlight some of them.

Of utmost importance is to keep note of the expiry dates of cartridges as they should of-course never be used beyond the recommended date indicated by the manufacturer. In order to remember the expiry dates, rather make a note in a visible place, such as on an easily accessible calendar or perhaps set a reminder using your phone.

The danger of using cartridges that are past their expiry dates impacts the quality of the images or documents you print. It can also damage your printer in the long run, not to mention your credibility to clients, which can damage your valuable “brand reputation”.

The advantage of buying cartridges in South Africa from reputable suppliers is that they come with authentic warranties. Theseensure that you are covered in the unlikely event that you experience problems with the cartridgeyou’ve purchased. Although the chances of your cartridges in South Africa being defective are slim, with a suitable warranty in place you will have peace of mind knowing that your printer cartridge supplier will attend to any discrepancies that may crop up. This is a welcome-relief and allows you to focus on your business rather than these nitty-gritties.

If you find that your cartridge is not printing properly, the problem could be a minor one such as a clogged nozzle. This is easily rectified by removing the cartridge from the printer, and then using a slightly damp paper towel to gently wipe the bottom of the nozzle area, and then reinstalling the cartridge into the printer. If the problem persists then you should contact your service provider and they will attend to it; if necessary your cartridge will be replaced. Always ensure that you do not “void” your warranty, however, by tampering with the product itself by attempting to open it up, for example.
It is also ideal to deal with a supplier that demonstrates a high level of corporate social responsibility and endorses “green” practices in general.

Reducing your carbon footprint can even save you money at the same time. Speak to your cartridge supplier for affordable ‘green friendly’ options that would best serve your needs as well as budgets. High quality compatible printer cartridges have become a firm favourite with most businesses and among those who remain “environmentally conscious”.

In order to save costs further or day to day printing, you can also make use of features such as the Toner Save option, which comes standard on most if not all newer models of printers. Your supplier of cartridges in South Africa should also be an excellent source of information. If you are looking for an industry forerunner, then you needn’t go further than Cartridges for Africa. Contact us today to place your order!